The Fall of Gorvund

The Adventure Log!
The past.

So far, Sir Ralph, has become quite a popular name on the tongues of Gorvundites these days, and in days of old. As a young Paladin of Pelor, he ventured across the Highlands in search of duty for his deity. His prayer was answered. A mighty druid of the the Highlands appointed him and his two companions to find the weapons of Khoros, the creator. These weapons, were the tools used for the initial creation of the world, and were cast into the mortal world once more to see to the destruction of the great evil soon to befall the Frozen Peaks. This was a long and arduous task for the young paladin. Through great perils and victories, he killed the Lich and his undead masses. Sir Ralph, grew stronger through his journey, but this was only his first test. With his Wife of a far away land finally in Gorvund, Sir Raph settles down, counts his many lost allies, and thanks Pelor for the remaining ones. But alas, his rest is a short one. In the Xyrsys (Zer-sehs) deserts of the southeast, demon infiltrate the world. They discover the summoner of the portals, eliminate him, and enter the infinite layers of the abyss, after contact with a demonic lieutenant. They end the reign of terror, with the help of the first established camp in the Abyss led by Brotor Nailo. The adventurers discover just how much slower time is moving here, when they are sent a message on minutes after arrival dated, many years in the future of Gorvund. They spend a total of 21 days in these hells, and 700 years pass in Gorvund. They players return to a decimated ruins of a city whose walls defended even the invading clouds.


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